RACHEL, W.Va. (WBOY) — Students and staff are getting used to new security screenings at North Marion High School (NMHS).

On Tuesday, the school started using metal detectors at its front doors and there were some issues, according to some students.

“The first day was a little crazy with everyone trying to get the hang of it,” Addie Elliott, a senior at NMHS said.

“I think it was just the process of knowing what the students needed to take out of their bags before they entered through the metal detector,” Kirsten DeVaul, principal at NMHS said about what they needed to fix after day one. “We communicated that to them at various times yesterday, and made sure that they were ready to go this morning.” 

Day two of the new security screenings went smoother. 

“It went like clockwork. There was no delay in getting into the building. Students moved through quickly and we maintained a regular schedule,” DeVaul said.

Unlike airport security, everyone keeps their shoes, coats and backpacks on. Meanwhile, phones go in the bins as they walk through the detector. If the detector goes off, the students are searched for any weapons or dangerous items.  

“We do a secondary search which is with a wand,” DeVaul said. “We do have our resource officer from the sheriff’s department that is present in the mornings when we go through this process.” 

The detectors were suggested by a student leadership group to be put in the schools for extra protection.  

“There’s a bunch of scares going around,” Elliott said. “I think it’s a good idea. Something positive to look forward to.” 

“It definitely feels like we’re a more consistent school as students are following more rules,” Arnold added.   

The metal detectors at North Marion High School are part of a trial run. The school is using them as a test site to see if the Marion County Board of Education wants to put detectors in other schools. They were purchased by the Marion County Commission.