FAIRMONT W.Va – One local organization is looking to challenge themselves to find more people to foster children in need in the state.

The National Youth Advocate Program is trying to find 35 new foster homes within 60 days. This challenge is a yearly tradition they do to raise awareness for fostering children and child abuse awareness month.

NYAP has been helping children, youth and families in West Virginia since 1978.

The goal is to have 35 families committed to being foster parents with NYAP by the beginning of summer for sibling groups to stay together in the West Virginia foster care system.

“Keeping siblings together while they enter foster care is extremely crucial for they’re well being,”
Denise McGinty NYAP Community Resource Coordinator said. “Its very traumatic for them to be placed in foster care to being with because they’re being removes form their family and the people they love and they know. And so a lot of time siblings really stick together and rely on each other to basically survive or get through what they’re going through.”

Anyone interested in becoming a foster parent can visit NYAP online or on their Facebook page or call at 304-366-5832.