FAIRMONT, W.Va. – It’s July 1, which can only mean one thing, Independence Day plans are in the works around the region.

Palatine Park in Fairmont is continuing on with their usual plan of a 4th of July celebration, but with a modified version because of COVID-19. This year, they will have a concert starting at 6 p.m., that will end around 10 p.m.

Byron “Six-Six” Cooper, Jersey and 3AM Tokyo will be performing and the concert will be live streamed for free. This is not only to limit the capacity but to also keep the public safe.

“They can hook up to their TV’s and stereos, and watch it from the comfort of their homes. I think it makes a lot of sense,” said Administrator Chris Cinelli. “We will just have to see and we’re certainly prepared if we get an over flex of people. We’ll just have to turn people away, basically block down the parks so no more cars can get in.”

Independence Day is often times a holiday that people love to gather in large groups to celebrate. Marion County Health Department Director Lloyd White said we can still enjoy the holiday but do it in a safe way because the risk of getting yourself, your loved ones or someone else sick, isn’t worth it right now.

“I mean if we don’t continue to do the right things, and we see statewide our cases continue to elevate, I certainly think the governor will start pulling back on some of the openings we have been allowed to do,” said White. “Again, if people would just do the right things, then we won’t have to go there.”

The live stream will be free for anyone who wants to watch. It is not limited to Marion county residents. Officials will also live stream the firework display that will take place immediately following the last performance of the night. For the latest updates about the upcoming events, visit Palatine Park’s Facebook page.