PAW PAW, W.Va. – The Paw Paw Fair Board held their last mud bog of the year on Saturday.

Participants said the mud bogs provide opportunities for community members to get together, support the fair and have some fun as well. There was a gate price of $10 per person and fair board officials stated those funds go right to the fair in hopes of making it bigger with improvements each year.

“It is great seeing the kids and their expressions, you know, and maybe this will give them something to do in the future to keep them into things. We need more things for the kids to do,” said Rebecca VanGilder, participant and helper of the Paw Paw Fall Mud Bog.

VanGilder also said she had her nephew with her at the bog, and she and her husband are trying to get him more involved in the mud bogging. She said the mud bog is a fun time, and the weather doesn’t have to be perfect to have one.

“It’s fun to see because these guys put a lot of time in their Jeeps and trucks, and a lot of money too. And to see them, their faces light up when the mud fly’s in the crows to see who can throw the mud the farthest, it’s always a fun time,” said Hunter Bragg, Paw Paw Fair Fall Mud Bog staff worker. “It’s not just the drivers too, it’s the little kids that run around too, they enjoy watching the mud fly. And just, everyone here is having a fun time.”

The participants and workers of the bog said it’s fun to get the kids involved in the bog so that when they grow up, they can become participants too.

They also hold the bogs in the spring and during their annual fair.