WHITE HALL, W.Va. – The newly opened Pet Works location in the Middletown Commons shopping center in White Hall hosted an adoption event with the Marion County Humane Society on Saturday.

Marion County Humane Society.

This was the first public adoption event that the humane society has been able to host since the pandemic started. Members of the humane society said they are looking into the future to move into a new facility and want to find dependable homes for the animals they have at their shelter.

“With moving to the temporary facility, we are trying to get as many of the dogs adopted that are in house right now, so they don’t have to go through the stress of moving to a new facility. So, of course, any day, any time an animal finds a forever home is awesome but it’s even more critical at this point,” said Frankie Spatafore, an Animal Care Association at the Marion County Humane Society.

Officials with the humane society also stated they are excited that Pet Works reached out to them offering help in hosting an adoption day and they hope to make it a regular event.

Pet Works helps Marion County Humane Society with pet adoption event.

“We get our animals from all different places. A lot of our animals come from owner surrenders, but we also take in a large population of through Marion County Animal Control, then of course stray population,” Spatafore said. “We try to minimize the animals that are running loose through our spay and neuter assistance programs, and we’re just trying to do the best we can.”

Spatafore stated that with every animal adopted into its forever home means that they can take in another animal in need and can take its place in the shelter to receive care and treatment.