GRANT TOWN, W.Va. – Police officials are preparing for a protest set for Saturday, April 9 at the Grant Town Power Plant.  

A group called West Virginia Rising stated on their website that they plan to “engage in a mass, nonviolent direct action” at the power plant on Saturday.  

According to their website, the group is against Senator Joe Manchin’s coal operation.  

“We chose this plant specifically because we need the world to know how corrupt Joe Manchin is. He is not some thoughtful, grandfatherly, moderate. He is raking in $500,000 per year from his coal company while single-handedly gutting climate legislation. He also directed his appointees to raise electricity rates on us working-class West Virginians in order to keep his coal business afloat,” the website states.  

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Their social media accounts state that they hope to “blockade in such a large number the cops won’t be able to do anything about us.” 

The Mayor of Grant Town, Charlie Rosic, said the power plant is out of the town’s official lines and that the Marion County Sheriff’s Department and West Virginia State Police will be handling the security over the weekend.  

He said he thinks the protestors are wasting their time.  

“They’re mad at Joe Manchin. We have no dispute with Joe Manchin. That’s on them and the best way to take care of this kind of situation is, go vote. If you don’t like him in office, vote him out. Protests are not going to get anything done, especially here in Grant Town,” Mayor Rosic said. “They said that they’re going to put this town on the map well I believe that this town is already on the map.” 

Mayor Rosic said the town is not in support of the protest and will not be participating.