FAIRMONT, W.Va. (WBOY) — The Prickett’s Fort State Park is campaigning for a new fence around the historical fort.

Damage on the current stockade around Prickett’s Fort.

Campaigns like this occur every twenty years for Prickett’s Fort, as that is the longevity of the wood used in the majority of sights within the park. The funding goal amounted is $300,000, whereas the park has raised $50,000 thus far.

Greg Bray, executive director of the Prickett’s Fort Memorial Foundation, said that the park hopes to have the money raised and restoration completed before 2026, the state park’s 50th anniversary. Prickett’s Fort State Park is raising money through private donations, fundraising events and eventually, grants.

The park also plans to open concessions and dining as well as kayak rentals before the summer kicks off as attempts to help with fundraising. Keep up with Prickett’s Fort State Parks events or help donate for the new stockade at the park’s website.