FAIRMONT, W.Va. – People gathered outside Senator Joe Manchin’s office in Fairmont Wednesday to rally and show support for House of Representatives Bill 1.  

The bill also known as the “For the People Act” addresses voter access, election integrity and security, campaign finance, and ethics for the three branches of government. Those at the rally are seeking to end the Filibuster and show support for the H.R. 1 bill.  

“For far too long states have passed legislation that limits voters’ rights. And so, this would ensure that states can pass legislation to make it easier to vote but not harder,” said Jenny Craig, an organizer of W.Va.  

The legislation would implement automatic voter registration, as well as same-day and online voter registration. 

“U.S. Senator Joe Manchin has actually offered a concession on the ‘For the People Act’ and so it’s, it’s a good first start. But it still has a high voter ID requirement, and we know that is a bar to people voting, people who are without a home, elderly folks. And true, it’s, we shouldn’t be making a compromise on the most essential part of our democracy when Senate Leader Mitch McConnell and senate republicans have said, they would halt and block any progress by means of the filibuster. So, him supporting an end to the filibuster is going to be critical to even getting a compromised bill, voting rights bill passed,” said Craig.  

The bill would also increase transparency in political donations and leave the job of redistricting to independent commissions to prevent gerrymandering. 

“It’s far time for a change. We have seen states, another part of the voting rights act is really important is that it would eliminate states who, their ability to purge voters from their rolls. And we’re seeing that happen in Georgia right now, about 201,000 votes, voter rolls are set to be purged. And so, that is why this is so important,” Craig said. “There is state after state that is passing legislation making it harder for regular Americans and regular folks to vote. That is why passing ‘For the People Act’ is so important in its entirety, and even a compromised bill, if we don’t end the filibuster, does not have much chance of making it out of the senate.”