Residents react to damaged graves at Grandview Memorial Gardens


Some local residents were disturbed when they returned to a local cemetery to find multiple damaged graves and even smashed tombstones, but it wasn’t from vandalism from outside activity.

Coming off of the holidays, residents in the local community had come to pay homage to their lost loved ones, but were met by unforeseen damage from the cemeteries groundskeeper.

“Why would they do stuff like this. I was brought up different than that,” said Kathy Yates, resident.

That is the question that this concerned resident, as well as others had when they saw that the tombstone of their loved ones had been covered by mud and hay. Leaving them to wonder if this improper practice was the normal.

 “It’s sorry to hear that they closed the office like this. They need to get someone they trust. This used to be a beautiful cemetery. I’m going to call the office,” Yates stated.

Tire tracks engraved in the ground, including a smashed gravestone of a five-month-old, whose mother said she never had a problem until the change of management happened.

“The older manager Joe used to take care of it real good. He used to keep everything nice and neat. The roads were clear and everything. I asked who was responsible for this and she told me the groundskeeper,” said Karen James, resident.

The groundskeeper team did not want to speak on camera, but told us that it is inevitable based on the unpredictable weather changes and lack of proper resources. However, they are trying to fix it.

“I feel they need to apologize. Don’t be disrespectful,” James said.

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