Last week Boston crime boss James “Whitey” Bulger who was found beaten to death in his prison cell in at Hazelton USP Preston County.

Two other inmates were killed at the Hazelton Penitentiary in the last six months and a reduction in workers led prison union officials and politicians to demand a wave of new hires to bolster security.

Last Friday, U.S Senator Joe Manchin spoke on some of the issues USP Hazelton is facing.

“We’ve been very concerned about that facility. We’ve had problems there, we’ve had Department of Justice on top of that, and I think you’re going to see some changes that are going to be made. We got to make sure that our guards are well protected, we got to make sure that we have enough guards so they are protected they can do their job. So, we’ve had concerns we’ve had complained so we’ve got to stay on top of that. We’re putting the pressure on the doj to make sure to clean that mess up.” 

Senator Manchin sent a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions expressing his concerns prior to Bulger’s death.