MANNINGTON, W.Va. (WBOY) – The annual United Mine Workers of America picnic is coming back to Mannington after a two-year hiatus.  

The UMWA district 17 out of Marion County has been putting on the picnic for nearly 20 years. This year’s family-friendly event will include free food, drinks, prizes and entertainment at the Mannington Huff park.  

District 17 UMWA Picnic (WBOY Image)

The event is to celebrate all the working-class people on Labor Day weekend.  

“It’s a day to reflect on the progress that working people have made over decades to create better lives for ourselves, our families, ensure safer workplaces and build a stronger economy,” UMWA member Mark Dorsey said. 

It is also a time for the organization to appreciate the benefits of being in a union.  

“[Working] people are the backbone of our country and built the middle class. Labor Day, we honor the hard work on union members, pay tribute to all the benefits that made our lives better … access to a living wage, decent benefits, job security,” Dorsey said. “None of this would be possible without the existence of unions.” 

The picnic will begin at noon on Sunday, Sept. 4 at Mannington Huff Park. 

Cecil Roberts, the president of the United Mine Workers, will speak at the event along with candidates running for office in Marion County.