MANNINGTON, W.Va. – On Tuesday, the forth largest unclaimed property check in state history, worth more than one million dollars, was presented to the Dr. Phoebia G. Moore Trust Fund at Mannington Middle School.

In 1898, Phoebia Moore was the first woman to study medicine at West Virginia University and later in 1903 practiced medicine in Mannington.

Dr. Moore was the real life “Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman.” She traveled the muddy roads on horseback, helping the sick and delivering hundreds of babies throughout Marion County.

In January 1902, she saved several library books when a fire destroyed a school library. This is when she found her love for books. Later on, the Mannington Middle Library was named after Dr. Phoebia Moore.

“This woman literally gave to this community a tremendous amount, for me to be able to give in that context a very small amount, even though it is a million dollars, but given the amount of things she did for this community, to be able to give back a little more and help fulfill her dream supporting the library here is very gratifying,” said West Virginia State Treasurer Riley Moore.

Tuesday’s donation of $1,092,820.91 will help with Dr. Moore’s dream of helping students from Mannington, West Virginia.

West Virginia unclaimed property discovered dormant Exxon stocks belonging to the Dr. Phobeia G. Moore Trust Fund, these stocks were liquidated and valued at over a million dollars.

Even though Dr. Moore passed away in 1953, she is still making a difference in the lives of students in the City of Mannington.

“She was always a person that gave, there was a story about her where she had some charity cases that she would go around and help them with medical attention and medicine, didn’t charge them a dime, ” said Treasurer Moore, “One family she helped the mother had no shoes, [Dr. Moore] gave the shoes off her own feet and came back into town with no shoes.”

Treasurer Moore said you can go to and click on unclaimed property, then you can enter your name and see if you have any unclaimed property.

“Listen, if you get a check from us or a letter from us with the seal of the state treasurer with my name on it, it is not a scam. If it’s a check, cash it, it will clear. If it’s a letter, it does mean you have unclaimed property, it is real,” Treasurer Moore said.

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