WHITE HALL, W.Va. (WBOY) – The construction on U.S. 250 in Marion County continues after crews ran into problems at the site, causing another delay in the completion date.  

WVDOH crews are installing a retaining rock wall to prevent debris in the road and a draining system to prevent flooding. The last update from the DOH stated the project was supposed to be completed in December 2022, but now, that has been pushed back to the “late spring.”  

Engineers with the DOH say they found “unknown utilities” requiring “a utility relocation and rock wall stabilization necessary to safely maintain the project and protect the traveling public.” 

“Safety is the highest priority on every project,” Mike Daley, WVDOH District 4 Manager said in a statement about the delayed project.  

This is the third time the completion date has been pushed back for this project. 

The project began in February 2022. The first anticipated completion date was July. Then it was pushed back to mid-November, then pushed back again to December as engineers cited running into “a little bit more material in more areas than we were anticipating” for the delay. 

If no other delays occur, it will be completed in late spring 2023. Until it is finished, the stretch of 250 will remain down to one lane.