FAIRMONT, W.Va. – Whitewater kayaking is can be considered as one of the most exciting activities you can do, and experienced kayakers have learned how to tackle Valley Falls State Park safely.

Sunday’s free waterfall clinic was held by Jeff Prycl with Rocky Mountain Kayak, a company out of New Stanton Pennsylvania made up of world class professional kayakers.

Experienced kayaker going down a waterfall at Valley Falls State Park. (WBOY Image)

These professional kayakers instructed experienced kayakers on how to prepare for whitewater and experience higher class rapids and waterfalls.

“People who have never run whitewater before will come here learn proper strokes, proper paddle, how to flip over, flip back over, everything you need to do safely to run whitewater and with trained professionals being around and watching and telling you what you do right, what you do wrong, and just kind of take you step-by-step how to properly run whitewater and waterfalls,” said Brett Harshbarger, Park Superintendent at Valley Falls State Park.

Waterfalls and whitewater is an extremely dangerous activity, and in order for kayakers to go down waterfalls, they must fill out and sign a waiver to kayak at Valley Falls State Park.

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