FAIRMONT, W.Va. – A dispute between Fairmont’s mayor and another man over a parking issue outside of a daycare center spilled over into Tuesday night’s Fairmont City Council meeting.

A cell phone video, recorded by Bobby Bombard, has been making the rounds on social media. In the video, Mayor Tom Mainella is heard asking “Calling the police? Good, good. You know who I am by chance? I’m the mayor. When the police come, who they gonna side with?”

Mainella goes on to tell Bombard several times that he is “ignorant and stupid.” A young child can be heard in the background, crying, “I want to go home.” Mainella then says, “kid, your dad is stupid, ok?”

Bombard and his wife, Monica, approached Mainella during the citizen comment period of Tuesday’s council meeting.

Monica Bombard described the September 11 incident, most of which was seen in the video, to the council.

Bobby and Monica Bombard

When she finished speaking, Mainella said: “I want to apologize to you and those kids for me verbally abusing your husband. It was wrong. I was wrong and I do sincerely apologize to you and those kids for my behavior. It wasn’t becoming of a Fairmont City Council person. You’re right, I was wrong and I do apologize to you and the kids.”

Bobby Bombard then asked, “what about me?” “I’m not going to apologize to you. I very nicely asked you not to park like that, because I couldn’t fit my truck through there,” Mainella replied.

Fairmont Mayor Tom Mainella responds to the Bombards

When the Bombards continued to question Mainella, he said: “This is over with. I apologized to who I needed to apologize to, not to you. I’m not going to answer your questions. You can send it (the video) to whoever you want to, I don’t care. It’s over with. Thanks.” “It’s not over with,” Bombard replied, as he and his wife turned and walked away.