FAIRMONT, W.Va. – Parents of students at Monongah Elementary School have some concerns about health safety at the school. The concerns started Tuesday when the school was dismissed early because of water that was coming into the school’s kitchen.

The maintenance department was sent to the school along with plumbers that day to investigate it.  

Andy Neptune, Marion County School’s administrative assistant for maintenance facilities and athletics said crews ran a snake device into the drains and found a blockage. Neptune also said it was not a significant amount of water.  

“I was at the site. It was not sewer water,” he said. “It was water that was coming from the spickets. It was contained only in the cafeteria but it just us longer than we thought to breakthrough.” 

Neptune said that sometimes trees and roots “bust” pipes and cause a backflow when the water is released.  

Sign outside of Monongah Elementary School (WBOY Image)

Superintendent of Marion County School, Donna Hage, got a report Wednesday from the Marion County Health Department, which did a general sanitation inspection after the water leak.  

“There were no issues as far as the boys and girl’s restroom, the gym and cafeteria,” Hage said about the Health Departments’ search. “They reported no issues in this sanitation report.”  

However, Hage said they did notice safety issues in some classrooms of some unprotected outlets. 

Neptune noted that crews were sent to the school the night of the initial water spill to disinfect and clean the kitchen and cafeteria areas where the water was.  

Kids were back in school on Wednesday and the cafeteria was open.  

A specialist is set to come to the school Thursday to further evaluate the water and drain issue.