FAIRMONT, W.Va. (WBOY) — Fairmont State is preparing the next generation of nurses for the real world.  

From June 27 through June 29, the university hosted 11 high school students for their West Virginia Nursing Academy. 

The students earned a CPR Certification, learned “Stop the Bleed” and first aid skills. They also got to perform a mock birth in the university’s simulation lab.  

Gabrielle Fike from East Fairmont High School accepting her certificate of completion (WBOY Image)

The mission of the program was to submerge students into real-life experiences and inspire them to pursue a professional career in nursing to combat the state’s nursing shortage.

“Right now, the nurse-patient is one to 6 or seven and we want, our first goal is patient safety. So, we want to be able to have more nurses come into the field so we can safely take care of patients and so the nurses don’t get burned out,” said Professor of Nursing Tina Reed.  

“We want to take care of the patients in West Virginia, our surrounding communities and globally as [much] as possible. So, providing the best-educated nurses is important to us,” said Fairmont State dean of College of Nursing Laura Clayton.

All of the students were from Marion, Monongalia and Harrison counties and had little to no experience in the nursing field.

“It’s been nice to see how they’re relating to one another, talking about why they want to become a nurse, the importance of that for them, (and) how they want to continue to progress with their career,” Clayton said.  

Students who completed the three-day academy included: 

  • Jenna Casto – East Fairmont High School 
  • Gabrielle Fike – East Fairmont High School 
  • Garrett Goolie – Fairmont Senior High School 
  • Abigail Hess – University High School 
  • Gracyn Marsh – East Fairmont High School 
  • Lillian Rubenstein – Fairmont Senior High School 
  • Rayden Satterfield – North Marion High School 
  • Abigail Shuck – Fairmont Senior High School 
  • Alexandria Stoneking – Bridgeport High School 
  • Connor Tingler – East Fairmont High School 
  • Makena Webb – Robert C. Byrd High School 

This was the first time the academy was held at Fairmont State and was funded through a grant from the West Virginia Center for Nursing.