FAIRMONT, W.Va. – Students who were invited to attend the West Virginia Governor’s Honors Academy were asked to nominate a teacher who has made an impact in their life. Students invited 45 teachers from around the state to attend the Outstanding Educator Luncheon at Fairmont State University in the earlier afternoon of July 9.

Students wrote tributes to their teachers, honoring and recognizing how they have made a difference in their educational journey.

“So I think every single person when you ask them, who are the folk who have made a difference in their life, at least one teacher is going to come to mind as someone whose just have an incredibly important role in shaping who they are as a person. Teachers, I think, do some of the most important work in our society.” Robine Payne, WV Governor’s Honors Academy co-dean.

The luncheon held is a tradition of the West Virginia Governor’s Honors Academy, where they all come together and recognize the importance of these teachers.