MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WBOY) — In an update to the incident which happened at North Elementary School, Monongalia County Superintendent Eddie Campbell stated that a substitute teacher has had her contract terminated due to a personnel matter upon which he was unable to further elaborate.

So far, the school’s principal, assistant principal, two aides and a substitute teacher were placed on leave as a result of an investigation into an incident that took place at the school; so far, each employee except the substitute teacher remains employed with the board of education, Campbell stated.

In regard to the incident itself, Campbell was unable to give specific information due to it still being under investigation, however, he did state that the investigation was caused by information the county board office received from a member of staff at North Elementary School.

Parents spoke to the BOE during a meeting in February due to their concerns over the incident.

Campbell stated that the incident involved a member of staff at the school and a student, and that staff members were required to disclose the incident to the board of education due to staff being mandated reporters.