MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) awarded the Morgantown Utility Board (MUB) a Brownfield’s Grant.

MUB purchased property a few years ago as a long-term option for adding to the water treatment plant, if and when the day comes. In the meantime, they went through the process of applying three different times for the grant. With the help of the Greenbrier Organization and WVU’s team, the third time was the charm!

The grant will be used to remediate the Dinsmore Tire property where they will tear the two buildings down and clean up environmental issues will be so the property can be used for short-term recreation. The long-term goal is to expand the water treatment plant.

The exact areas to be demolished are 195, 197, and 199 on Don Knotts Boulevard.

JT Straface, Chairman of MUB, began talking about what would’ve happened if they did not receive this grant. He said, “you’re talking about, at a minimum, half a million dollars that we’re receiving from the EPA to do this work. If we didn’t get those grant dollars, we would be using our dollars, our customers’ dollars to do this because it has to be done. And, so, therefore, we’re saving the potential rate increase, by utilizing the grant dollars.”

It is important that MUB received this grant so that they can demolish these buildings and get rid of environmental waste and issues correctly. Neither MUB or the city had the money to complete this project, and they want to use it for future economic growth.

With excitement in the air, Tom Bloom, President of Monongalia County Commission said, “MUB’s got the grant through the city and we’re just excited because it just, every time something happen – good happens in the county, we need the strength of strong cities.. And that’s where Morgantown and the other cities come across. And it’s so important and people always see the negative or talk about the negative, and here we’re gonna show the positive things that we can do.” He also made a comment about this being what happens when working all together with the city and county.

It was also let on by Bloom that this is not the only project happening. “This is just one example of where we are going to take something down and make something better out of it,” he added.