MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Earlier on Monday, the Morgantown Art Association was accepting entries for its upcoming show at the Morgantown Municipal Airport.

The association is stocking up its gallery at the airport for its upcoming opening reception on Wednesday at 5:30 p.m.

The exhibit, called “Prospectus,” will run from this week until December. “Mountain Memories” and “Balloons over Morgantown” are two of the themes for the show.

Organizers are thrilled to showcase many different works of art to the community.

“It’s really fun, we really enjoy the openings to look at each other’s art and to show it to people who come in to look at it,” exhibit coordinator Susan Dotson said.

“We’ll have a little reception with some cookies and you know everyone can come in and just look around at the paintings, a lot of the artists will be here so if you wanted to talk to an artist about a piece, you can do that.”

The opening reception is free to attend. If you’re interested in buying some original pieces of art, you would be able to do so at the event or by contacting the artist through their information located next to the piece.