MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WBOY) – The Listening for Racial Understanding art project is being displayed at the Morgantown Public Library. The opening event for the display was held on September 9 and at 6 p.m.

Officials said 46 people had been brought together to have conversations, using prompts that inspired them to have open and empathetic conversations about race, and their life experiences.

Susan Eason, event Co-Coordinator, grew up in Richmond, Virginia in the 70s, and said she was in 5th grade when the school systems were integrated. “So I’ve always been aware of the… discontent, and the even hatred, between races, and so I’m hoping to bring greater understanding and compassion for one another so that we might see we’re all people. We’re just the same, just the color of our skin is different,” said Eason.

“We’re making the divide for both racial reasons and political reasons, that are artificial reasons that is just hurting society, and I think it makes people more lonely, it makes people more scared, and we’re trying to dissolve some of the fear that keeps people from doing this,” said Eve Faulkes, Event Co-Coordinator.

The culmination of the conversations between those 46 people, depicted through art is on display and open to the public.