Batman visits north central West Virginia


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Kids in West Virginia received a special surprise from a superhero on Thursday. Batman stopped by the Mylan Park Aquatic Center in his batmobile. During his visit, he shared his message on how to overcome difficulties like bullying and addiction.  

John Buckland, who’s been a full-time Batman since 2012, taught the kids, what he calls, the four steps to greatness.  

His four steps to greatness are:

  1. Never give up 
  2. Always do the right thing 
  3. Help other people 
  4. Never be a bully 
John Buckland in full Batman costume, with Batmobile

“With everything that these kids were already going through, and also went through this year, my role is to come and empower them with the tough things in life and make them stronger,” Buckland said “So, I’m going to teach these four principals so that way they can come back from this really tough past year we’ve had. Recharged, renewed, and ready to conquer the next year in an even bigger way than last year. Life is all about taking the painful things and turning them into positive things.” 

The anti-bullying seminar is part of Mylan Park’s overall pack with their kids and councilors.  

Batman delivers an anti-bullying message at Mylan Park Aquatic Center

“We actually have the kids sign a little code of conduct,” Timber Newhouse, Mylan Park summer camp co-director, said. “We make sure that they follow all of our directions, and we try to model the correct way to talk to people, try not to yell, try to use polite words, and make sure that we’re showing the kids that they have to follow the rules, so do we.” 

And teaching them while they are still at a young age is key.  

“My goal is to reach them young because the younger you can reach them with that positivity, with that empowerment you can prepare them for things that start hitting them once they get into elementary school, middle school and especially into high school,” Buckland said. “My role is to bring a message that’ll impact their lives permanently.” 

Batman said he will be back in north central West Virginia in late September for the mountaineer comic con. 

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