Cheat Lake hosts fourth annual Wake the World event


Water sports are not something all kids have access to but Wake the World is an event that get gives all kids an opportunity to experience life on the water.

Wake the World coordinator in Morgantown, Ryan Kuehn, said this event is about offering activities that these kids have never had access to before.

“We’re trying to pass the handle so what we want to do is get people excited and interested in the water sports that we’ve grown up to love and we enjoy on Cheat Lake, so we bring kidswho don’t often get to come out on the lake at all, so we’re giving back to them, give them a day to hangout and enjoy some wakeboarding, tubing, zup boards, you name it,” said Kuehn.

Wake the World volunteer, Clint Suggs, said this is the fourth year for this event in Morgantown but it’s been growing in popularity all around the nation and even in other countries.

“Wake the World started in 2008 with a group of guys in North Carolina that decided that they wanted to take some kids out. We have the Wake The World Cheat Lake event, which is one of around 50 that are going to happen in the United States and Canada this year, and one of six that’s going on today in six different states,” said Suggs.

All Wake the World events throughout the United States are free to the public and open to all kids within the local communities.  

This event is run strictly by volunteers who are looking to give kids a chance to experience things they haven’t had access to before.

“Water sports are something you have to know someone that has a boat or you have to know somebody that’s been involved in lake activities to be able to get out there, so we wanted to give back to them something that they may not get to do on a daily basis,” said Kuehn.

Coordinators from this event said their goal every year is to impact these kids lives in a positive way.  

“If I got three or four kids I can have fun with for the day and we can share some things that’s what we want to do, it’s about the impact that we can have in a child’s life and how we can positively make a good impact there,” said Suggs.

For more information or to donate to this non-profit visit the Wake the World website.

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