MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WBOY) — On Thursday, Chestnut Brew Works owner Bill Rittenour posted on Instagram that the brewery will be moving to a new location in Westover.

The new location, marked on the map below, will have more parking, a kitchen and food menu, patio seating overlooking the Monongahela river, and three new brewing tanks that will be double the size of their current ones.

“We love that we kind of reclaimed and rehabilitated an old shop and made it a cool little brewery and spot to hang out, but we’re well aware of its limitations, and have been for a while,” Rittenour said.

Rittenour said one criticism they hear from their customers is the lack of parking, and that is something they are addressing with the new space. They are also looking to drastically step up production so they can distribute to a much larger area and have their products available on store shelves.

Rittenour said their new goal in the Westover location will be to quadruple their current production. Chestnut Brew Works will have 11 brew tanks in total at their new location, with the capacity to add more in the future.

“In order to be able to distribute more, you need to be able to make more. And in order to make more, we need more space, not only for the finished product but also for all the supplies and materials that go into making beer.”

The building on 94 Long St. was previously an old mining equipment workshop according to Rittenour and is well equipped to receive and send out larger shipments compared to its current location at 444 Brockway Ave.

Unfortunately for fans of Chestnut Brew Works, the new location has no estimated finish date, as owner Bill Rittenour wants to keep the excitement in check so people don’t get disappointed if they run into delays. However, he remains very excited about the new location.

“With the bigger parking, with the more pub space and tables, and just having the kitchen and be able to offer a menu, I’m excited to provide a space for people to enjoy our products and just have a nice time,” Rittenour said.

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