MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WBOY) — West Virginia University students rejoice! A new fast food chain is coming to High Street in Morgantown, and best of all—it’ll be open past midnight.

Layne’s Chicken Fingers (Courtesy Layne’s Chicken Fingers)

Layne’s Chicken Fingers is a Texas fast-food chain that, surprisingly, primarily serves chicken fingers. But it also serves chicken finger sandwiches, grilled cheese, fries and Texas toast (which is bound to be good because they’re actually from Texas). If you’re feeling particularly peck-ish You can even buy party packs of chicken fingers in quantities as large as 1994 fingers.

The Morgantown location will be the first Layne’s Chicken Fingers to be built outside of Texas.

“They should know that they’re about to taste the best chicken fingers they have ever had in their life,” said CEO Garret Reed in an interview with 12 News.

Reed said Layne’s employees won’t be like other chicken-related fast-food employees people living in the area may be used to, and says when you go in the employees are supposed to joke around. They might mess with you a bit, but at the end of the day are laid back and are there to serve the best food, he said.

“Astro Chicken” logo for Layne’s Chicken Fingers (Courtesy Layne’s Chicken Fingers)

Chief Operating Officer Samir Wattar said their logo, which they call “the Astro Chicken,” is supposed to represent the goofiness and weirdness of a chicken while the space suit describes their food process as borderline scientific and very precise.

“The biggest thing mankind ever did was go into space. If anything is wrong, if a dial is missing or a bolt not tightened or there’s a leak somewhere, there’s nobody coming back. So we tell [the employees] don’t take yourselves seriously, but treat our business like flying to space.”

The Morgantown location will share a building with Chipotle on High Street and is expected to open by the end of 2022. Other locations will also be coming to Pittsburgh in the coming years.