MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – During the last year, Monongalia County, the City of Morgantown, Granville, and Star City have been working to update their comprehensive plans in coordination with the Metropolitan Transportation Plan.

A comprehensive pan fair was held at Mountaineer Station Thursday on the campus of West Virginia University. The fair allowed residents the opportunity to check in with the different teams, including the Morgantown Monongalia Metropolitan Planning Organization (MMMPO) grant proposal, to see what they have accomplished, ask questions, and provide feedback on policy directions and recommendations. The Plan includes findings and ideas from the planning process, a community profile, growth projections, and implementation measures.

“We all have strategic plans as sort of part of this comprehensive plan, the visioning, for the future of our county. And it is important that these things work together. Certainly, transportation is the backbone of everything that goes on here and it is the connective tissue so that is how we work together,” said Andrew Gast-Bray, Director of Planning for Monongalia County

Recently, the county released its draft plan that includes a vision for the county’s future, goals to achieve, and a brief explanation of the toolkit to help property owners and developers understand the principles being promoted by the plan.

“I think this area is a leader in that they are coordinating all these plans, it’s surprisingly not done very often, but here we know that we thrive by working together, by making sure our plans play well together, and that has been an exciting part of the effort,” Gast-Bray said.

Officials with MMMPO were in attendance at the comprehensive plan fair speaking about their ‘Safe Streets for All’ grant that they are working on. The organization is seeking public comments on the projects that are included within that grant.

“We adopted our updated metropolitan transportation plan in May of this year. And we’ve taken projects out of that plan and our work and put them together in this grant application. But we do coordinate our overall plan with the comprehensive plans,” said Bill Austin, Executive Director of Morgantown Monongalia Metropolitan Planning Organization.

MMMPO said that the comprehensive plan outlines the desired land uses within the community such as where commercial and residential areas should be located. They said those land use areas generate trips meaning that those trips are put on the transportation network.

“As land use changes, the demands on the transportation network change, and we can’t always foresee how those changes will occur,” Austin said. “We are required to update our metropolitan transportation plan every five years to make sure that we are being fully proactive and addressing change. The comprehensive plan which addresses land use, community facilities, and those sorts of things they’re required to be updated every ten years.”

Officials with MMMPO said they try and involve all the municipalities including the county together in a joint planning effort when developing and adjusting the transportation plan.