CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – Emily Calandrelli, a Morgantown native and TV host, who is known for her Netflix series Emily’s Wonder Lab, Xploration Outer Space and Reach for the Stars, last week, amid the formula shortage in the U.S., documented a mother’s horror story of how she was forced by TSA to lose breast milk.

On May 10, Calandrelli posted her second round of Tweets about her “emotional” experience at LAX. She was taking her first trip away from her 10-week-old son and planned to pump at the airport after she went through security. For later use, Calandrelli had a few ice packs to keep her milk cold. “I didn’t currently have any milk but I was planning to get a last second pumping sesh in before my ~5 hour flight.”

But when she arrives at TSA, they told her she couldn’t have the ice packs because they were not frozen solid. One person told her, “if you had milk on you, this wouldn’t be a problem,” she documented. He also told her that if she had her baby, it wouldn’t be an issue.

Calandrelli said that she asked to speak with a female agent multiple times and was denied.

She also exposed the TSA, saying that she should have been allowed to bring the packs regardless. “But guess what? They were wrong. TSA rules specifically state that you are allowed to have gel ice packs (regardless if they are fully frozen!!) for medically necessary purposes. And emptying my breasts on a regular schedule and providing food for my child IS medically necessary.”

Since then, Calandrelli has spoken on CNN and been reported on news sites across the country, including Good Morning America and the Washington Post. A reel posted on her Instagram over the weekend shows a video of her getting ready for a trip and looking happy with the caption, ” Excited for my first work trip after my baby…” then switches to a video of her calling for change from President Biden on CNN captioned, “Addressing the President on CNN 5 days later.”

“Anyway, to support moms we need @potus to direct @dhsgov to clarify that along with formula and breast milk – breast pump equipment is “medically necessary” REGARDLESS of the presence of breast milk or a child.

“With the current formula shortage, it’s crucial that this happens as quickly as possible,” said the full Instagram post. She said that she hopes to work with lawmakers to bring change to TSA rules, including making all breastfeeding equipment “medically necessary.”