MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WBOY) — Sometimes food looks so good you don’t have time to grab a utensil. A new restaurant opening in Morgantown makes sure that this isn’t an issue.

Friday marks the grand opening of Finger Foods which is located at 363 High Street. They offer a wide array of food that can be eaten using only your fingers. Some items on the menu include catfish, wings and vegan tenders. Revel Williams Jr., the Owner of Finger Foods recommends the buffalo chicken fries.

Williams Jr., said that he wanted to revel in the opportunity to bring a fast-food place to downtown Morgantown. He said that his past as a Morgantown student created the idea for opening Finger Foods.

Revel Williams Jr., Head Cook and Owner said “My idea behind it was I used to be a former student here and former resident. Um, so now that I’m back, I’m able to, I’ve been through the streets of downtown and I’ve been to college here, so I know how many places are open late, and I know how long the lines are and a lot of people don’t like waiting in them lines, and it just kinda gets people from um driving to further places to get food.”

Finger Foods is all about being a quick way for busy people to purchase food, so if you don’t have time to stop by and wait you can order online with the toast app.

Williams Jr. being a father himself, is very happy to be bringing this fast and hassle-free eatery to the families of Morgantown.

“It feels good, it feels good. I have kids of my own so you know its definitely something I can bring to them if we don’t want to eat takeout nowhere, I can always bring something home,” said Williams Jr. “And you know we have a bigger community now than 10 years ago. So, there is a lot more families here um and I think that would work out for a lot of the uh, activities and uh projects that are happening in the downtown area.”

Williams Jr. said that Finger Foods will be open during the lunch rush all next week, and then normal hours will be decided depending on the business. For updates and more information you can go to Finger Foods Facebook and Instagram accounts.