FirstEnergy warns of utility scams


Residents from all over the area are concerned after a widespread of fake utility calls from scammers have customers second-guessing the legitimacy of their transactions. 

“Last year we had probably about a thousand reports that just came in to us that said hey there was some type of scam and we know many of our customers never called us about the scam they might have called the police first or they might have hung up the phone or they might have got burned and they were embarrassed about that,” said MonPower spokesperson, Todd Myers.
Myers says that as the summer temperatures steadily rise, scammers are becoming more aggressive with fake phone calls and emails.

“I came in and the message said that I owed money to Ohio Edison and hadn’t paid the bills and if I didn’t pay it today they were going to come and shut off the power and gave a number to call,” said business owner Bill Spiker.

“If you hear something has to be done immediately, it is almost a dead giveaway” said Myers.

MonPower said that there is a full process that the company must go through before actually shutting off  resident power.
“You’ve already received the written notice or you may have received a phone call, but that phone calls not demanding immediate payment over the phone. It is a reminder from FirstEnergy saying hey you owe on this and we don’t want to have you in danger for termination – so here are some ways that the methods that you can pay” stated Myers.

MonPower officials want you to remain careful and have posted a video called “Hang up Don’t Pay Up” discussing red flags that can save you from losing thousands of dollars.

You can you view that video on their website by clicking here.

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