MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WBOY) – Suttle & Stalnaker, PLLC, chose Suncrest Elementary School’s art students to participate in this year’s Annual Thanksgiving Card Contest.

Three students who placed “runner up,” as well as the winner, were announced during Thanksgiving lunch at 12:30 p.m. on Nov. 17. All students who placed received a backpack filled with school and art supplies. The grand prize winner also received a $50 gift card. The winner’s artwork was displayed on the Morgantown firm’s Thanksgiving Cards that they already sent out to its clients and families.

Students posing for a picture with employees of Suttle & Stalnaker PLLC. (Students from left to right: Brylee Bailey, Avelyn Cheng, Eliana Pollock, and Ava Morrison)

Students who placed included:

  • Winner – Avelyn Cheng
  • First runner-up – Brylee Bailey
  • Second runner-up – Ava Morrison
  • Third runner-up – Eliana Pollock

This was the 21st year that this tradition has continued. Every year, Suttle & Stalnaker, PLLC, has its three offices, located in Charleston, Morgantown, and Parkersburg, pick a school within their area to participate in the contest. Each school will receive a donation from the accounting firm, along with the prizes for its winners.

Students at Suncrest Elementary were asked to draw a picture of what Thanksgiving means to them. Ryan Mink, CPA and senior manager in Morgantown, mentioned that between 50 and 100 drawings were received from the elementary school. They were spread out on a conference table, where a team at the office filtered through them and finally chose winners and their placings.

“We like to give back,” said Mink. “So we love, their faces were awesome as we got to hand them their backpacks. We love giving back to the students and we love giving back to the arts here and where each of our offices are located. And then of course, the kids always have a good time trying to compete to, you know, to get the prize, so it’s a good time.”

The contest will resume again next year. Mink had said that they try to rotate through schools in the area every year and that it was a bit difficult to reach a few schools. However, they enjoyed the opportunity to give back to Suncrest Elementary this Thanksgiving.