Fourth of July festivities are causing pets to run away from homes


With the Fourth of July holiday only two days away the celebrations have already begun including loud festivities like fireworks. 

But what some may not know is that many pets like dogs and cats are scared of the loud commotion. 

Stray animals are on the rise because many pets are running away due to the loud fireworks. 

But experts like Laura Stiller say there are still ways to ensure pet safety during this holiday.

“Dogs and cats can be very afraid of any sudden loud noises. It’s not unusual at all, and it’s very common. You can be prepared by making sure your animal is not outside. If they are outside, make sure that they’re tethered or you have your eyes on them at all times because you just never know. You can’t control what other people do,” said Stiller.

If a stray animal is missing or found please contact a local animal shelter or pet store. 

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