MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Mon County Plant Exchange held its “September Plant Exchange” between 2 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. at Krepps Park on Sept. 25.

Hobbyists and gardeners gathered at the park to trade or give away a variety of plants. These plants included seeds, cuttings, bulbs and even pots. People without plants were also encouraged to attend, because there were more than enough to share. These exchanges allow those interested to ask more questions and get more information, specifically in West Virginia’s growing zone.

It was of the founder’s hope that all of those who came out left with more plants than they came with.

These plant exchanges began when Tessa Staubly, founder of the group, wanted to make it so that plants who could not get cared for, could be given to those who could take care of them. Staubly had wanted groups like this in the community for a while, so she started one up in 2018. They had their first exchange that August and had a good turn-out. They held off until 2021 due to COVID-19, in which they had more people come to the event than expected.

Staubly felt really happy and proud that she could start up the group and that it has came so far since 2018. When asked in an interview with 12 News why she felt it was important to have these gatherings every now and then, she said, “if you have been looking at plants and you can’t afford it and somebody comes in with a couple leaves and they say ‘you can start this yourself,’ and experience the whole life of this plant and you can grow it as tall as you are, and say ‘I grew that from something so small.’ I think it’s really something this community needed.”

The groups tries to have exchanges every other month, as long as it is between the two frost dates. This was the last exchange before this season’s frost date, which will begin Oct. 17. Staubly said the next one will probably be in April or June, but they will keep people posted ahead of time. For more information, or to stay updated on upcoming events, you can find more here.