MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – On Tuesday, people all across the country were in a giving mood for a good cause. Giving Tuesday was celebrated on Nov. 29 with one goal in mind – to encourage people to do good throughout the society.

“It’s important to remember that no act of generosity is too small,” Pantry Plus More Fundraising Director Lauren Metheny said. “It’s a time to make donations, whether that is monetary, items or donating your time.”

“Giving Tuesday has been going on for many many years now and what better way to give than helping those people right in your own community,” United Way of Monongalia and Preston Counties’ co-chair Amanda Mazey said.

Giving Tuesday has been celebrated since 2012 in order to build a “global generosity movement.”

It’s a movement that has aided counties like Monongalia that have over 40% of its people struggling to meet their basic needs.

“The need is great in this area. There are a lot of people that fall under the poverty line and they need help,” Mazey said.

In Morgantown, many groups like the United Way and Pantry Plus More did their part to help during Giving Tuesday.

“We’re doing a Tuesday delivery so we have people packing boxes and delivering items to children and their families in Mon County,” Metheny said. “We want children to focus on learning. We don’t want them worried on where their next meal is coming from.”

“The United Way helps dozen of agencies and these are programs that help children, the elderly, help feed people so anything and everything you can imagine where everyone that needs help, that’s what the United Way does,” Mazey said.

United Way Brochure (WBOY – Image)

The United Way of Monongalia and Preston counties assists more than 20 agencies and 30 programs. The group has raised a little over $830,000 during its fundraising campaign, in which they hope to raise $1.3 million. The campaign helps them funnel money back into those agencies and programs.

Pantry Plus More delivers meals, hygiene items, clothing and much more to schools and families in the area.

“It’s a good way to get started, but you can give everyday,” Metheny said.

If you’d like to volunteer with Pantry Plus More, you can learn more information on their Facebook page or their website. If you’d like to donate to the United Way of Monongalia and Preston Counties, you can follow this link.

“No matter what you can give, it’s always nice to be kind to people,” Mazey said.