MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – The Historic Morgantown Post Office Building (HPO) is undergoing a lengthy renovation process. On July 21, officials announced one key part of it is now completed.

Over the past few months, crews have worked to replace the roof, gas lines, electrical lines, restoring HVAC units and drains located on the rooftop. HPO president Jane Cardi expressed her excitement in renovating the building, made back in 1913.

“We are so happy to make this presentation to tell everybody that we are moving forward with this building. This beautiful building will not be torn down because we were able to fix all of the water leaks and roof, etc.,” Cardi said.

The building was approved for the National Register of Historic Places in 1979. Multiple organizations use the building, including the Monongalia Arts Center, Your Community Foundation of North Central West Virginia and the Morgantown History Museum.

Phase two of the renovation process is estimated to cost $3-5 million dollars. The entire process is expected to cost $10-15 million.

Cardi encouraged those interested in volunteering or donating to contact them through either their website, social media or emailing them at