WESTOVER, W.Va. – The Launch Pad Trampoline Park in Westover hosted a “Hop with a Cop” event to honor police week on Thursday.

Officials with the park said it is important for them to use events like this to build comradery among the officers and the kids of the community. Officers were interacting with the kids by jumping on the trampolines, playing trampoline basketball, and even helping with an obstacle course for the kids.

“It’s something like this that gives back to the children that, you know, may impact their decision on a lifelong career that they don’t know they want to do yet. And I realize that these may be young children but when I was younger, you know, I was at the Buckwheat Festival and a trooper put his campaign hat on me, kind of in thin kind of relation like we’re doing here, and that is when I decided I wanted to be a police officer,” said PTLM Justice Carver, Westover Police Department.

Westover police officers said it is nice to be able to interact with the kids, have fun, and get down on their level showing them that they are there to impact their lives in a positive way.

“So of course, children are our future, being able to be there and not some big scary individual that we’re actually here to have fun and help them throughout life’s trivial matters is the most important thing I can come up with as being a police officer,” said PTLM. Andrew Cather, Westover Police Department.

The officers added that it is nice to have any business host the police with the public to help build relationships and to not only serve and protect but also give back to the community.