MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WBOY) – WV Caring began its annual event to give a little light to someone’s life around the holiday season. 

As part of WV Caring’s annual “Light up a Life” event, a “Partridge in a Pear Tree” ornament can be purchased and sent to someone you’re thinking about or used to memorialize someone that you are missing this time of year.

Its goal is to raise awareness and education about the options families can take near the end of someone’s life.

WV Caring Light up a Life Ornament (WBOY Image)

“There’s still a lot that we can do to have a patient and family with us on service earlier. It shouldn’t just be the last days or hours,” said Cindy Woodyard, WV Caring Vice President of Public Affairs & Access. “This kind of care in the future, with baby boomers and going forward, more care will need to be at home rather than in large facilities and hospitals.”

The porcelain ornaments are handmade by an artist in Seattle, Washington. The “double glaze” process that goes into making them allows for a special feature, a mini light that is placed in the back of the hollow ornament to make it glow.

All proceeds from the Light up a Life event go toward the WV Caring non-profit and their hospice care. The ornaments can be ordered here.