MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WBOY) – Students have already begun moving back to Morgantown for the fall semester, but traffic this weekend will be especially bad as 4,500 students move into residence halls this weekend.

The Morgantown Police Department posted a map resource to their Facebook page that can help drivers, locals and people who will be moving in, avoid areas of the highest traffic on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

All main roads are expected to be busy, but there are some main areas that the police department recommends you try to avoid that are near university housing.

(Courtesy: Morgantown Police Department)

In general, avoid the downtown area, such as High Street, Spruce Street, the downtown side of University Ave and Grant Ave. Other more residential areas near Stewart Street and Richwood Ave and main roads like Beechurst Ave will also be busier than usual.

University Housing Executive Director, Chris MacDonald, said that they tried to make the move in as easy as possible. “We’ve spaced it out so it can be a little bit of a rush but nothing too burdensome. There’s a lot of opportunities for families to unpack and visit a little bit before they depart, depart campus. We have a great group of Mountaineers that work very hard to try and make sure it’s a welcoming time for the families and our new Mountaineers and our returning students as well.”

By Monday, those areas should be back to usual traffic conditions, but with nearly double traffic from the summer, as Morgantown’s population increased by nearly 30,000 people during the school year.