A fast food drive-thru is typically an ordinary experience, but at a local McDonald’s in Morgantown one employee takes customer service to a new level.

Melissa Fichtner started telling jokes nearly three years ago, after getting the idea from a loyal customer who started telling her jokes whenever he’d come through the drive-thru.

“There’s a customer, John, and he’ll know exactly who he is, started this like encouraging the jokes, so it just took off from there. Telling one person and then telling a couple more people in the line everybody starts laughing, so you just start telling jokes and everybody laughs,” said Fichtner.

Now, Melissa tells jokes to each and every customer who comes through the Glenmark McDonald’s drive-thru to help bring laughter to the early mornings.

Tammy Gilbert, the Glenmark McDonald’s general manager, said customers come to start their day off with Melissa.

“Customers in the morning [are] not happy they got to go to work, and now it’s like a totally different environment for them. They’re happy to go to work, they said ‘you made my day I didn’t want to go to work today’,” said Gilbert.  

Management said the amount of traffic to this McDonald’s has increased significantly over the past few years and a large credit is due to Melissa’s increasing popularity.

“You can hear the customers laughing, the kids know her, the dogs even know Melissa,” said Gilbert.

Every fourth car will say ‘you’re the only reason we come here’ or they’ll roll up and say ‘okay, let’s hear the joke the for the day’ because they want that little bit of excitement,” said Fichtner.

Melissa tells new jokes every day to her customers and she says the best part are their reactions.

“The best one’s are the guys that are like ‘what?’ and I’m like ‘you’re awake now aren’t you’,” explained Fichtner. Melissa works the drive-thru window every week day starting at 5 a.m. and says she wouldn’t trade this job for anything.

“I love it here. This is the best job in the whole world,” said Fichtner.

Melissa can be found telling jokes daily at the local Morgantown McDonald’s off exit 7 throughout the weekdays.