WESTOVER, W.Va. – A Monongalia County food pantry and more than 50 community volunteers teamed up Tuesday morning delivering a Thanksgiving day feast to those in need.

Pantry Plus More in Westover along with 31 volunteer drivers delivered 500 Thanksgiving food boxes to families throughout the area. The boxes were stuffed with traditional Thanksgiving foods including a full turkey, fresh potatoes and produce, and of course, a delicious pumpkin pie.

The Pumpkin Pie Project involved several agencies and volunteers who gathered the ingredients and baked the pies to deliver. 

The food pantry’s founder and president said providing less fortunate community members a Thanksgiving Day feast gives them a lot more than just a nutritious meal.

“Just because you’re poor, just because you’re having a hard time, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get to be a person like the rest of us and celebrate Thanksgiving and have a moment with your family,” said Roark Sizemore, Board President of Pantry Plus More. “To be able to come together and have this nice time, share a meal, that’s kind of what Thanksgiving is to me. It’s the sense of community and that we are grateful for the things we have and I don’t think that should be just exclusive to folks who have enough money for it.”

All the programs, mission statement and history of Pantry Plus More can be found at the pantry’s website or Facebook page, or you can call 304-282-1123.