MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WBOY) — The Monongalia County Superintendent of Schools Thursday addressed Wednesday’s walkout protest over Monongalia County Schools’ policy against political activities in classrooms that led to a pride flag being taken down.

It states:

Non-school related activities, including political activities, do not contribute to a positive learning climate and may be disruptive, divisive and distracting. Therefore, such activities are not appropriate within the school setting. It is the intention of the board of education to regulate such activities on all board owned or used property, within all school buildings and all school sponsored activities.


The walkout protest came a day after students and community members protested the policy outside of a regularly scheduled Monongalia County Board of Education meeting.

Students and community members who protested argued that they don’t believe pride flags are a political symbol, and therefore should be allowed in classrooms.

On Thursday, Superintendent Eddie Campbell sent a statement that addressed claims that some teachers told students who participated in the walkout that they could be suspended from school for their actions.

It was brought to my attention that students reported that prior to yesterday’s walkout, some teachers threatened participants with possible suspension from school for their actions.

For clarification, there was absolutely no directive given to administrators or teachers to prevent students from expressing their viewpoints or for peacefully demonstrating on school property. While students’ absences from class will be counted as such, their peaceful protest on school property happened without any administrative consequences.

I would also like to reiterate that adults are not legally permitted to be on school property for demonstration purposes or for participation in political events or attempts to influence students.

Statement from Dr. Eddie Campbell

12 News crews spotted Del. Danielle Walker (D-Monongalia), Ash Orr, President of Morgantown Pride, and Jodi Hollingshead, a representative of Protect Morgantown at Wednesday’s protest.