Morgantown hosts 18th annual Deckers Creek Trail Marathon in support of national Trails Day


Nearly 50 miles of trails through Monongalia and surrounding counties is one of the treasures for most runners within the area.

Saturday, 13.1 miles of those trails were run for the 18 annual Deckers Creek Trail marathon.

Race Director, Ella Belling, said people from all around came out to support this national day.

“It gets more substantial every year, it’s really good um community of runners in our area, and they come from all over the country to run in this race,” said Belling.

Runners come from all over to run in this marathon as part of national Trails Day, and all runners paid a registration fee in order to help support the future of these trails.

“We fundraise for the rail trails, we have 48 miles of trails to maintain, and we normally generate about $20,000 off this fundraiser,” said Belling.

Third place winner and city attorney, Ryan Simonton, said it’s great to be able to support a cause he is passionate about.

“I love that uh something I like to do already, which is running is able to also support the event and the trails here, which we are all so lucky to have,” said Simonton.

This near four-hour event also included the trail mix festival, which was open to the public with live music and food.  

“We always get nice bluegrass bands from our local area to play for free and um and entertain us,” said Belling.

Participants said they hope this fundraiser can help expand these trails in the future.

“Morgantown is working to upgrade the riverfront park where we are standing here and making it a really nice venue for the community uh and is also working on some other uh trail connections and green space preservation and uh and hopefully expanding these opportunities for the community,” said Simonton.

Despite the continuous downpour, it didn’t stop these runners from coming out for the marathon and supporting a great cause.

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