MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – The Morgantown Salvation Army hosted a welcoming assembly for two new captains Sunday afternoon.  

Those two captains are Dennis and Jane Smith, who will be assuming responsibility for all church programs and social services at the Salvation Army for Monongalia, Marion, Preston, and Taylor Counties. They were greeted by community members and city officials in the new Hope Café, located in Hazel’s House of Hope.  

“We are honored first of all to be part of this community. The need here is so great and we get to be part of it and help people that can’t help themselves. And so, to be welcomed here is amazing,” said Dennis Smith.

The Smiths came to the Morgantown Salvation Army from Princeton and wanted to reach out to the communities and help those in need.

“We can’t do anything without the community involvement and the Salvation Army is founded on community involvement. And so, it is our hope that once we get unpacked, which we are almost unpacked, that we can be feet on the ground and get the feeding program going, get social services going,” said Jane Smith.

The Smiths said their goal is not only to be there to feed people, but that they are here to work with people spiritually through their work in the church. They are looking to make partners and friends, all while helping others who in turn can help others as well.  

“What’s amazing is this facility here, Hazel’s House of Hope, and I was saying earlier that we are not even two years since we started in the very earliest stages. So, to already be in this building, have the Hope Café and working on stages two and three of the next processes here, working with Bartlett House, working with all the community affiliates that are in the building is just, I mean it’s a dream come true for Morgantown,” said Jessica Kuehn Dunlevy, chair of the Salvation Army Advisory Board in Morgantown.  

The Salvation Army is an international organization but in the Morgantown area official’s state, it is a community organization that is dependent on the community’s assistance both financially as well as through donations. Officials added that they hope to expand and move the Salvation Army Thrift Shop to make it easily accessible and more convenient for people