MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – The Salvation Army of Morgantown held its first annual Eat Good event Thursday. Chicken for the meal was donated by Wings Ole and cooked by the owner of Heard’s Best Barbeque Ever.

The Salvation Army in Morgantown did not meet its fundraising goals during the 2021 Christmas season. So, the new annual fundraiser will help supplement funds throughout the year if the seasonal fundraising does not cover all projected expenses.

“And the money that’s raised here will stay here to go back into the community. It’s to help people with social service, even with the hope café that we have, or the people need even shelter, to put them up at a hotel or whatever. We will be able to do that with the funds from Eat Good,” said Nicole Greenland, Lieutenant, Morgantown Salvation Army.

Jerk chicken, plantains and rice and beans were served with a drink. Lt. Greenland, born in Jamaica, seasoned the chicken herself, and said that it is authentic Jamaican food.

“So that’s what I enjoy doing, is trying to make sure that I can play a part in helping people that need help, and you know, especially when the Salvation Army come to me and let me know that they could use my help, more than happy to do it,” said Charlie Heard, Owner, Heard’s Best Barbeque Ever.

The cost of the Eat Good meal is $20, and all of the proceeds fund the Morgantown Salvation Army’s efforts in the surrounding community.