The stakes continue increasing for those talented enough to make it through the audition process of American Idol and there are very few who make it all the way to Hollywood.

Now one of West Virginia’s first success stories comes from Cody Clayton Eagle, a 17-year-old from Morgantown who is one of the first from the Mountain State to receive his golden ticket. Cody’s audition was aired last week where he performed in front of the celebrity judges and now he’s headed to Hollywood.

“It’s super exciting I can’t wait to go to Hollywood, I was ready, I was a little bit nervous walking in to Luke Bryan, Katie Perry and Lionel Ritchie, but it was a very cool experience. All the nerves went away whenever I started singing,” said Eagle.

Cody started playing the guitar and singing at a young age after he was told he no longer was able to play sports.

“Whenever I was eight my hip broke, my mom and dad got me my first guitar and I kind of fiddled around on it and then I set it back down, and whenever my other hip broke sports were done so I picked it back up and that’s kind of what got me started,” explained Eagle.

Cody said he has progressed quickly over the years and is now recording his original pieces with big names in the industry.

“I’m going to be recording my final vocal tracks for my two upcoming songs that I’m getting ready to release and one’s called ‘I Will Sing.’ Whenever I went down to Charleston and I first auditioned, me and my dad were talking and he said ‘no matter what happens down in Charleston I want to see you not give up your dream,’ so I wrote that song for him just to say I won’t stop singing,” he said.

Cody said he’s excited to head to Hollywood and show the world what West Virginians truly have to offer.

“I’m definitely going to show Luke Bryan, Katie Perry and Lionel Ritchie that West Virginia, even though it’s a small town, it’s definitely very powerful and we’re going to have West Virginia pushing and watching American Idol for me,” said Eagle.

To follow Cody Clayton Eagle’s journey on American Idol you can find his social media accounts at Cody Clayton Eagle.