MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WBOY) — Morgantown’s music scene is on the rise but every rockstar has to get their start somewhere and that’s exactly what the Popshop is here to do.

Popshop is an instructional music school located at 918 Fortney Street in Morgantown. The school teaches children beginning at the age of eight all the way up into adulthood.

Bands within Popshop are formed based off of students’ musical interests, age and experience with their instruments.

The band shown below is called the Dead Spirits, composed of a guitarist, bass player, keyboardist and two singers that alternate back and forth between singing and drumming.

12 News spoke with nine-year-old bass player, Chloe and eleven-year-old guitar player Gigi on where their inspiration to make music came from.

“Guns and Roses,” said Gigi.

“My dad, my sister and my brother, they all play instruments. My dad has his own band,” said Chloe.

One of Popshop’s goals is to harbor a creative, laid-back space to let children express themselves freely. Popshop’s operations manager, Brian Spragg spoke more on the importance of the organization’s mission.

“It gives kids an outlet for something. Even if they’re learning other people’s songs, like cover songs, they’re learning how to play while they do it and it should hopefully spark their creative process, how they want to express themselves musically. It’s a pretty big thing and you can’t force it. They have to like to find it on their own, kind of thing,” said Spragg.

At only the start of their careers, Popshop provides a platform for its students to perform in front of the public.

Popshop’s next public show, “Spookyfest” will be held at The Encore in Morgantown on October 15. Eight Popshop bands will be featured with costume to fit the theme. You can find out more information on Spookyfest through Popshop’s Facebook page.