CORE, W.Va. – On Sunday, the Mountain Spirit Powwow wrapped up at Mason Dixon Historical Park.

Powwows are traditional native American gatherings where people dance, eat and fellowship.

This one started on Saturday and was filled with music, laughter and cheer all the way to the end.

Drumming to celebrate Native American culture at the Mountain Spirit Powwow in Core, W.Va. (WBOY)

The pow wow’s lead drummer says he was glad to mingle with Native Americans from different tribes and for the chance to share their culture with others.

“When we’re out there dancing and drumming,” said Sean Jones, the lead drummer at the powwow. “We’re praying to the creator, the creator being god, and we just we just want to show our culture and whoever don’t, never been to a powwow, we just want to show them what we represent and where we’re from.”

Jones said he and everyone else look forward to coming back to West Virginia next year for another powwow.