CORE, W.Va. — The “Mountain Spirit Pow Wow” took place at the Mason-Dixon park on Aug. 27 and 28 between 12 p.m. and 5 p.m.

This pow wow is a tradition that brings awareness and celebration to the Native American culture. They have a lot of dancing, drumming, and vendors. Dancers were even dressed up in the Native American regalia. Phyllis Bruce, the organizer of the event, mentioned that the pow wow is pretty much like one big family gathering. The name was also changed from the “Warrior Trail Pow Wow” to the “Mountain Spirit Pow Wow.”

In order to get into this event, there was an admission fee in which it was free for children five and under, and $5 for anyone else.

Most of the vendors have come every year since the pow wow started twenty-four years ago. The vendors had native made wears and items, there were some that were also like-native made. There was also a Native American fried bread concession stand, for people to taste.

The culture behind the Pow Wow is the most important part of the event. Bruce discussed why she felt this was important to have for the community. She said, “it brings awareness to the native culture, and the drums, seem to have an effect on people. They’re very calming, and just, you know, the beautiful regalia is something to watch with the ladies out there in their fancy shawls. And then, children learning, because there are many children that go out there that have never danced before, and they’re just kind of led to be there and its, its, so much fun.”

Betty Baird, Bruce’s mother, originally started the Pow Wow in 1998, in which Bruce is now carrying on her legacy. She used to help with the food pantry located at the Native American community center. Baird was a very special lady, a lot of people knew her. The 91 year old had given a lot to the community before she passed away this past July. Her memory lives on in the hearts of those she loved and touched, as well as in the Pow Wow that was dedicated to her this year, and the many more to come to carry on her legacy. When asked about her at the event, everyone confessed to missing her.

While this year’s Pow Wow is now over, it will return again next year.