MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Monongalia County now has a state-of-the-art community kitchen for everyone to use.

The Monongalia County Commission unveiled its new Community Food Innovation Center located in the County Center at Mylan Park on Thursday. Healthy Kids Inc is the first company to use the facility and spent the morning making healthy food for a Marion County daycare center.

The West Virginia State Commissioner of Agriculture said the new facility is in a perfect location for all the events held at Mylan park, and it gives food entrepreneurs a place to cook.

“To have a commercial kitchen where people have a great idea and before they make an investment in a big commercial kitchen that sells, they can come and use this facility and produce their product legally, with safety, and then working with the Department of Agriculture and other agencies in the state, promote that product,” said Kent Leonhardt, WV Commissioner of Agriculture.

“The kitchen has multiple uses,” said venue manager Rachel Mitchell. “Right now with Healthy Kids Inc., it’s used as a satellite kitchen. It can also be a commissary, a pop-up kitchen, a public restaurant where you could use it and rent the showroom as well for your restaurant guests.”

“Using this kitchen is amazing,” said Mandy Curry, Healthy Kids Inc.’s co-founder. “It’s chef lead, from scratch, using all healthy foods locally produced, and so having a kitchen like this with all of this equipment is just dreamy for us to be able to use this here.”

The Kitchen cost half a million dollars to build and was paid for by the CARES Grant.