MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – West Virginia legislatives toured the newly built Reynold’s Hall Monday afternoon.

West Virginia University and their Alumni helped raise money to build a new hub that has been added to their campus. The idea has been in talks for about four years, and started demolition and rebuild around two years ago. This building was named after alumnus, Robert “Bob” Reynolds, and his wife Laura.

There are six floors, in which there will be many things to offer the WVU campus. Dean of the John Chambers College of Business and Economics, Josh Hall, said that there will be a fitness gym, recreational center, laboratories, classrooms and even live-in board opportunities.

A few highlights from the touring on Monday were:
• Becker Academic Engagement Success Center
• Center for Career Development
• Sheedy Experimental Learning Pavilion
• Wehrle Global Supply Chain Lab
• Hayburst Ideation Hub
• Roll Capital Markets Center
• Social Technology and Research Lab
• Holyman Social Stairwell

However, there will be a few things open to the public, which will include the café and dining area, park and greenspace, recreation center and the integration into the community rail trail.

When talking to the the legislatives, WVU President, Gordon Gee discussed the top three important things for students and workers, they were:

  1. Education: Project 158, which is for students to community build, research, and get involved on campus.
  2. Healthcare: Without a healthy state, not much can be done for the economy. To also make sure nobody has to leave in order to get healthcare.
  3. Prosperity: To create sustainable job for the people of West Virginia.

He wanted the new hub driven by the power of imagination, and from the legislators, power of trust.

WVU Chancellor Sarah Armstrong Tucker announced that WVU Parkersburg expanded Chemour’s by more than 300 employees trained with an associate degree.

She also mentioned that WVU is working on providing up to $45,000 of scholarship money to students who want to be teachers, expanding number of nursing students to 600 new nurses annually, opening over 900 new spots in over 20 locations to meet need of EMS workers. Without higher education, Tucker said that this work will not get done.

Their focus is figuring out how to get K-12 students to go to college, possibly by increasing financial aid outreach. Tucker said, “higher education is affordable, and we will figure out a way to help them pay for it.”

Hall said, “I feel so blessed that we have been able to through a combination of university support and philanthropic dollars to provide this space for our students to live, work out, and learn in. Our college contributes to our land ground mission in many ways but the most important, is bringing talent to this state, and keeping talent in this state.”

Reynold’s Hall will be holding their Grand Opening on August 26 and will be open for the 2022 Fall Semester.